Stainless Steel Heat Exchangers

  • Full stainless steel construction makes the heat exchanger suitable for applications where cooling or heating fluids are aggressive, or the environment in which the cooler is installed is not suited to lower grade materials.
  • Fixed tube stack allows the end covers to be removed and tubes cleaned without draining the primary circuit.
  • The standard product range is suitable for cooling heat loads of up to 838 kW.
  • Using an in-house selection program, Bowman can recommend a suitable unit with quick delivery.

Design Limitations

  • Maximum working pressure shell side (primary) 20 bar.
  • Maximum working pressure tube side (secondary) 20 bar.
  • Maximum working oil temperature 200ºC.
  • Maximum working water temperature 120ºC.
  • Units should be mounted horizontally. For alternative mounting arrangements please contact.