Oil Coolers

BOWMAN oil heat exchangers are suitable for Hydraulic oils, heat tranfer fluids, and quenching oils. They are high-quality products incorporating the best materials and the latest technical features.

The tube stack is fully floating, so that thermal stresses are minimised and can be easily removed, should cleaning be necessary.

Suitable heat exchanger can be selected by computer with the required information as follows:
Oil type or viscosity at a specified temperature ( cSt at ...°C)
Oil flow (l/min)
Required oil outlet temperature (°C)
Heat to be dissipated (kW)
Temperature of cooling water available (°C)

The standard seal material is nitrile. It is also possible to fit seals compatible with various fire resistant fluids.



At additional cost, BOWMAN heat exchangers can be offered for special uses such as:

Contaminated water,
Sea water,
Marine applications,
Mining applications,
Higher temperature applications, 150°C oil; ... 200°C oil.